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Immigraffaires: Empowering Small & Medium Businesses in Canada by Facilitating Foreign Workers' Hiring

*CNESST Permit N° AR-2202436

Immigraffaires: Full-Service Recruitment Agency Specializing in Hiring Foreign Workers For Small & Medium Businesses in Canada

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Foreign Workers Immigration Programs, LMIA, CAQ, Work Permits... Download our Ebooks & Do It Yourself 

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We believe in empowering our partners with knowledge. With 7 years of Experience in the Immigration of Foreign Workers, Ida, Attorney at Law, Founder and CEO of Immigraffaires, have put together 3 amazing Ebooks to guide every business owner through the foreign workers hiring process.

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How to correctly fill in and submit the LMIA? How to Apply for the CAQ? How to navigate the NOCs and choose the best program, which is the shortest path, to successfully hire foreign workers? Valuable Tips to avoid penalty fees and fines... Every business owner needs these Ebooks to successfully hire foreign workers by themselves! 

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You do not have a dedicated HR department to use the Ebooks and Hire skilled foreign workers? We have you covered!

Hire With Immigraffaires

Is your company short-staffed and suffering significant losses and pressure and you need to hire urgently? Hire foreign workers in 90 days, only with Immigraffaires. Contact us today. 

You want to find & sponsor a candidate from abroad? Do it for 4722 CAD, only with Immigraffaires. 

Are you looking to hire immigrants but their status seems complicated? Not to us, contact immigraffaires today and get a clear answer.


You already have candidates and want someone to handle the paperwork and legal procedures, accurately and quickly? You came to the right place, we even provide free assessments to make sure they are eligible, and to which program. Contact us now. 

You have no idea where to start from but you definitely need a new hire and you have no time to look for answers in different places? Immigraffaires have an on-board Lawyer to help ease your concerns and clear the picture. Create your free account today and claim a Free consultation with 1 click.  

Immigraffaires has put together a range of services to accomodate the needs of businesss owners and hiring companies in Canada and provide you with the best experience. We handle CAQs, LMIAs, Contract Renewals, Work Permits and much more, with absolute care and attention, so that your paperwork is finalized on time. Discover more services here. 

Visit our FAQ page and learn more about hiring foreign workers and get answers to various questions we get from entrepreneurs and business owners. 

You can also check our previous happy clients' reviews and feedback right through here. We are pleased to send you more references upon request.  




Our Team & Recruitment Services

We Provide Local and International Recruitment, Immigration, LMIA, and QAC (CAQ) Services to Canadian Companies at half the Market Rates and with a three-month Guarantee (For Local Recruitment).  We have a dedicated team of specialists in different fields to take full care of your local and foreign recruitment needs:

  • An Experienced Attorney Exclusively Practising in Foreign Workers' Programs

  • 3 Full-Time Recruiters to make sure the candidates meet your requirements

  • 2 Paralegals to handle documentation and legal affairs 

  • An IT Department dedicated to creating the best experience for you and providing you with timely assistance and service

  • A Digital Marketing Specialist to outsource candidates through various channels 

Our Candidates

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Led by an In-House Attorney:
Meet Ida, CEO 

Led by Ida, a seasoned immigration lawyer with 7 years of experience in the immigration of Foreign Workers, we offer a significant advantage to businesses and business owners. With Ida at the helm, we navigate the complexities of the immigration process efficiently, saving our clients valuable time and resources.

Are you a business owner/hiring manager? Book a short consultation meeting for free and Get Your questions answered! 

Ida's Promise For Hiring Managers: 

  • Accessible Support: Reach out via cell or email anytime, and I'm here to assist promptly without charging by the minute.

  • Ongoing Assistance: Even beyond the hiring process, I provide continuous support for paperwork and inquiries.

  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or unexpected charges – clarity in all our interactions.

  • Cost Savings: Working with Immigraffaires means Recruitment & Immigration services at one place, for the same price. No extra charges or hidden fees.

Why Choose Us: Building Lasting Partnerships

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At Immigraffaires, our values are at the core of everything we do. We're more than just a recruitment agency – we're your strategic partners in building strong connections between businesses and talented foreign workers. Our commitment to excellence, cultural integration, and respect ensures that every client and employee receives the exceptional care and attention they deserve: 

  • Strategic Selection: We meticulously choose clients to ensure sustainable solutions, fostering satisfaction at every step.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: From staffing stages to ongoing support, we provide expert advice and assistance throughout.

  • Regional Expertise: Serving clients in the region, we possess local insights that drive successful placements.

  • Bilingual Bridge: Being bilingual, we serve as a vital link between companies and employees, ensuring seamless communication.

  • Cultural Integration: We facilitate employee integration and aid businesses in creating a welcoming environment, fostering cultural exchange.

  • Specialized Focus: With expertise in industries such as restaurants, hotels, engineering, and mechanics, we bring tailored solutions to each sector.

  • Respect-Centered Approach: We thrive on collaborating with professional, respectful employers and businesses that value human rights.

  • Dual-Care Commitment: We prioritize the well-being of both businesses and foreign workers, ensuring they are paired with respectful employers. Our unwavering support extends through every stage of the process, ensuring a harmonious and successful journey for all parties involved.

Local Recruitment Services For Small & Medium Businesses In Canada

Connecting You with Canada's Talented Job Seekers

We offer a specialized ad-hoc recruitment team comprising two highly skilled and dedicated recruiters who work full-time to identify top-tier candidates and handle salary negotiations on your behalf. Rest assured, the final decision to hire rests entirely in your hands, ensuring complete control over the selection process.

International Recruitment 

We Have a Lawyer on board: We Take Full Care of Your International Recruitment Needs, from Legal Services to Immigration Processes, we have you covered, at half-market rates! While simultaneously gaining access to a pool of English or French-speaking international talent who are committed to long-term engagements. You have the flexibility to either post your specific requirements or explore our diverse pool of available talent from around the globe.

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