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Unlock a World of Talent with Immigraffaires

Elevate Your Team, Simplify Immigration – Your Success Story Begins Here


4716 CAD per Foreign Employee: Total Fee to Recruit & Get the Employee to Your Business' Doorstep! 
Only with Immigraffaires 

Are you suffering significant losses because you cannot find the right talent for your restaurant / Fast Food? 
You have a high turnover rate because you keep hiring people who are not motivated for the job in the first place? Are you tired of training employees who won't stay longer than 3 months? 

You tried offering pay raises and other benefits, but cannot attract the right profiles? 



Yes, you probably heard of it already, hire from Abroad. But this time, Hire through Immigraffaires!  We are not reinventing the wheel. However, we are here to tell you that Immigraffaires is the best companion for your needs, and here is why: 

  • Immigration Services: Our immigration Lawyer ensures your paperwork is flawless, resulting in an incredible (almost) 0% rejection rate. We've mastered the immigration game.

  • Recruitment Services: Hire locally or Internationally: Yes we specialize in Hiring Foreign Workers, but if your company can fill the position locally, with the right talent, then that will be our recommendation. The final decision is yours, we can do both!  

Hire Foreign Workers with us at only HALF MARKET RATES

  • Big benefits, small prices! Check out our affordable rates online anytime you want.

Full Support: 

  • We've got your back from the first handshake to seamless integration. Your success is our obsession.

We are bilingual: 

  • Our bilingual team is like your secret weapon in communication. They make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Even through integration and onboarding, we still support you! 

So, if you are looking for Kitchen Staff: 

  • Kitchen Manager / Assistant Manager

  • Chef 

  • Cook 

  • Waiters 

  • Baristas 

  • Service Supervisor 

  • Line Cook

  • Expeditors

  • Pastry Chef

  • Fry Cook 

  • Baker 

  • Commis Chef

  • Kitchen Porter 

  • Dishwasher Butcher

Immigraffaires Will get it for you in a timely manner! Whether you want to hire Locally or Internationally, our goal is to get you the best fit at the best cost across all of Canada! 

Immigraffaires International Recruitment Services sources candidates from around the world but mainly from: 

  • Mexico 

  • Philippines 

  • Indonesia

  • India 

  • Thailand 

  • Trinidad & Tobago 

  • Honduras 

  • Vietnam 

  • European Countries ( Ukraine, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania...)

  • North African Countries ( Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania) 

  • Sub Saharian African Countries ( Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda...) 

We have helped other businesses in your industry, just saying

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But this is the first time I hear from you...

Would you like to meet shortly? We want to get to know you better as well, so Schedule a call ! 

Delia Mbarek

  • Senior Recruiter at Immigraffaires 

  • +5 Years of International Recruitment Experience 

  • Academic Advisor 

  • Masters Degree in Linguistics 


Ida Carreras

  • Immigration Attorney &  CEO at Immigraffaires

  • Business Owner ( not just Immigraffaires) 

  • +8 Years in Foreign Workers Immigration, as a Lawyer 

  • Master’s Degree in  Finance


PS: Create an account on our website, and you can schedule a call directly from there: choose the date & time...etc

Takes barely 10 seconds & its free, completely free, even the call! 

Some numbers we thought would get your attention

Waiting Room

45 Days or Less

That's our usual Time to Fill, give or take a few days


That is the retention rate of our hired candidates, getting better each day


Satisfaction Rate by candidates


Rejection rate of foreign workers' immigration documents, or LMIA, or CAQ... WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

Satisfaction Rate by candidates

At Immigraffaires, we're not just about filling roles; we're about building futures. We strive to provide the best advice, ongoing support, and high-standards services that exceed expectations. Here are 3 simple steps you can start with today: 

Waiting Room


That way you can book a free meeting with our attorney and get answers

You will also get a free Ebook that explains everything about Hiring Internationally 

Our Contact Info are Below, Email / Call for  more details

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