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Redefining Workforce Solutions

Helping You Stand Out

Since 2018, Immigraffaires has been providing professional services to job seekers and employers. With our longevity, we’ve learned that staffing is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business. That’s why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching to make sure we provide personalized recruitment & job seeking services that meet the needs of businesses and workers worldwide. 


Are you a job-seeker or employer? We’d love to speak with you! Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting.

From Local to Global: Transforming SMB Hiring in Canada

Our mission is to help small and medium businesses grow their teams effectively and in a timely manner. We put in place real efficient procedures and processes, thanks to great expertise in the foreign workers' immigration programs, that enable us to find and hire foreign talent smoothly.
Immigraffaires has been helping managers and recruiters in the following industries throughout the years: Restaurants, Mechanical Engineers, Hotels & the Tourism sector...etc. Contact us today and get to know how we can help your business hire from abroad effectively! 

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