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FAQ: All Your Questions About Foreign Workers Recruitment & Immigration Answered in One Place

I have candidates but their contract and papers are to expire, how to renew contracts for foreign workers?
There are several factors and requirements to find you the right program for each candidate and depending on the industry. Contact us today and get a free assessment of your candidates and discover what you need to do. 

I am an employer and I have candidates I want to sign, how? 

Immigraffaires can help you with the immigration process and documentation of your candidates.We will also offer you a free assessment of each candidate to make sure they are eligible and meet the selected profram's requirements. Contact us and find out more! 

I want to find a new hire urgently, how can you help me? 

Hire in less than 90 days, yes! According to the latest updates in 2023 from the Canadian Government, visitors who have held a work permit in the last 12 months can request interim work authorization to start working for their new employer more quickly. We can walk you through all the details, just contact us here.


What is the cost of hiring foreign workers in Canada?
The cost can vary based on several factors, including recruitment agency fees, government processing fees, and other associated expenses. Check out our Pricing Plan and get precise information about how much it would cost you to hire an international worker today with Immigraffaires. 

How can I hire restaurant staff in Montréal from abroad?
Hiring restaurant staff from abroad involves several steps, including obtaining an LMIA, processing work permits, and more. Immigraffaires specializes in assisting businesses in Montréal with such hiring needs.

I run an auto service center. How can I hire mechanics in Quebec from overseas?
Quebec has specific requirements for hiring skilled workers like mechanics. Our team at Immigraffaires can guide you through the process, ensuring you meet all provincial and federal regulations.

How long does it typically take to hire from abroad in Montréal?
The duration can vary based on the position, the country of origin of the worker, and other factors. Generally, it can take a few months to over a year. Contact Immigraffaires for a more precise timeline.

Is it challenging to hire international workers for Canadian businesses?
While there are processes and regulations to follow, with the right guidance, such as from Immigraffaires, hiring international workers can be streamlined and efficient.

How long does it take to get an LMIA?
The processing time for an LMIA can vary, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the job category and other factors.

How can I obtain an LMIA for hiring foreign workers?
To get an LMIA, employers must demonstrate that there's a genuine need for a foreign worker and that no Canadian worker is available for the job. Immigraffaires can assist you with the entire LMIA application process.

What is a CAQ, and what's its purpose?
A CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec) is a document that Quebec requires before a foreign worker can work in the province. It signifies that the Quebec government has reviewed the job offer and approved the hiring of a foreign worker.

Is obtaining a CAQ obligatory for hiring foreign workers in Quebec?
Yes, for most foreign workers intending to work in Quebec, obtaining a CAQ is a mandatory step before applying for a work permit.

How can a foreign worker obtain a work permit in Canada?
A foreign worker typically needs a job offer from a Canadian employer, an LMIA (in most cases), and then they can apply for a work permit. Immigraffaires can guide workers through this process.

Does Immigraffaires offer services related to immigration documents to Canada?
Yes, Immigraffaires provides comprehensive services related to immigration documents, ensuring that both employers and workers have a smooth immigration experience.

I run a small restaurant in Canada, how do I hire a foreign worker?

Employers typically need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and then the foreign worker can apply for a work permit. You can learn how to do it by yourself as an employer, step by step, with our E-book.

How much does it cost to hire a foreign worker?

The LMIA application fee is CAD $1,000 per position. Additional costs may include recruitment and relocation expenses. Checkout our pricing plan and get a clear idea, no hidden fees Source:

Do I need a lawyer to hire a foreign worker?

While not mandatory, having an immigration lawyer can simplify the process and ensure compliance with regulations. At Immigraffaires we have a recruitment team and a lawyer on board to ensure the well going of foreign workers recruitment process in Canada Source: CIC News
Is permanent residency a visa?

No, permanent residency is a status allowing an immigrant to live and work in Canada indefinitely, whereas a visa allows entry for a specific duration. Source:

When does PR expire?

The PR card is valid for 5 years, but the status doesn't expire unless certain residency obligations aren't met. Source:

How much does it cost to get a work permit in Canada?

The fee for an open work permit is CAD $255, and for an employer-specific work permit is CAD $155. Source:

Can a Permanent Resident sponsor family or spouse in Canada?

Yes, a Permanent Resident can sponsor certain family members, including a spouse, dependent child, and others under the Family Class Sponsorship. Source:

Why apply for permanent residency?

Permanent residency offers the benefit of living, working, or studying anywhere in Canada, access to most of the social benefits Canadian citizens receive, and protection under Canadian law. Source:

How to apply for a skilled worker visa in Quebec?

Skilled workers can apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) by meeting certain criteria and then applying for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ). Source:

How can a self-employed person immigrate to Quebec?

Self-employed individuals can apply for immigration to Quebec if they have relevant experience and intend to create their own job in Quebec. Source:

How to immigrate to Canada as a worker?

Workers can apply through various programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program,Provincial Nominee Program, or Canadian Experience Class based on their skills and experience. Source:

How to obtain a CAQ in Quebec?

To obtain a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ), one must apply to the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration (MIFI) and meet the required criteria. Source:

What are the fees for a CAQ in Quebec?

The fee for a CAQ for studies is CAD $116, and it varies for other types of applications. Source:

What does CAQ mean in Canada?

CAQ stands for Certificat d'acceptation du Québec, a certificate that Quebec requires before a foreign national can work or study in the province. Source:

How to obtain an LMIA in Canada?

Employers must demonstrate a genuine need for a foreign worker and that no Canadian worker is available for the job. Contact Immigraffaires to get the best advice on how to prepapre for LMIA, Fill the form and submit it correctly. Source:

How to work in Canada with a visitor visa?

Generally, you cannot work in Canada with a visitor visa. To work, one needs a valid work permit. However, under specific conditions, one might be eligible for a work permit from within Canada. Consult with Immigraffaires to successfully apply for your work permit Source:

How to obtain a work visa in Canada?

After receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer and, in most cases, an LMIA, one can apply for a work permit (often referred to as a work visa). Source:

What types of work visas are available in Canada?

Canada offers various types of work permits, including open work permits and employer-specific work permits. Source:

How to immigrate to Canada as a worker?

Workers can apply through various programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, or Canadian Experience Class based on their skills and experience. Source:

How to hire a self-employed worker in Canada?

Self-employed individuals can apply for immigration under the Self-Employed Persons Program if they have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics. Source:

How to hire a foreign worker from Asia in Quebec?

Employers in Quebec must first obtain a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) and then proceed with the LMIA process if required. Source:

How to hire a foreign worker from the Philippines in Canada?

Employers can utilize the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or the International Mobility Program (IMP) and consider bilateral agreements with the Philippines. Source:

How to hire immigrant workers in Laval?

Employers in Laval can use federal programs like the TFWP or the IMP, or provincial programs specific to Quebec. Source:

Is hiring immigrant workers illegal in Canada?

No, hiring immigrant workers is legal in Canada as long as employers follow the proper immigration and employment processes. Consult with Immigraffaires and let’s kickstart the hiring process and grow your company Source:

What kind of jobs do immigrant workers have in Quebec?

Immigrant workers in Quebec occupy a range of jobs, from skilled positions in IT, healthcare, and engineering to trades and labor jobs. Since 2018 Immigraffaires have hired many foreign workers on behalf of Canadian companies in various industries mainly in Restaurants & Tourism, Mechanical Engeneering, Caregivers and health sector, etc… Source:

How to hire undocumented workers legally in Quebec?

It's illegal to hire undocumented workers. Employers must ensure workers have the proper permits and documentation. Consult with Immigraffaires and our lawyer to avoid costly mistakes and comply with the procedures. Source:

Is hiring undocumented workers legal in Montréal?

No, hiring undocumented workers is illegal in Montréal and throughout Canada. Source:

Which companies hire foreign workers in Canada?

Various companies across sectors hire foreign workers based on their needs, including tech companies, agricultural farms, and healthcare institutions. Source: IRCC

How do companies hire migrant workers in Canada?

Companies typically use the TFWP or IMP, ensuring they meet all requirements, including obtaining an LMIA if necessary. Employers generally like to consult with Immigraffaires to gain time, consult with our on board lawyer for free and enjoy the full support we provide during and after the recruitment process Source:

Who are the employers who hire immigrant workers in Montréal?

Various employers across sectors in Montréal hire immigrant workers, from tech startups to large corporations and service industries. Source: Montreal International

How to hire immigrant workers from Malaysia?

Employers can use the TFWP or IMP and consider any bilateral agreements or programs specific to Malaysian workers. Source:

How to hire immigrant workers from Asia?

Employers can utilize the TFWP, IMP, and consider specific programs or agreements with Asian countries. Source:

How to hire foreign workers from China?

Employers can use the TFWP or IMP and consider any bilateral agreements with China. Source:

Why hire immigrant workers from the Philippines?

Immigrant workers from the Philippines are often sought for their English proficiency, adaptability, and diverse skill sets. Immigraffaires can help you hire the best talent from all around the world Source: IRCC

Are Canadian companies hiring foreign workers?

Yes, many Canadian companies hire foreign workers to address labor shortages and acquire specialized skills. Source:

How to employ a foreign worker in Canada?

Employers need to obtain an LMIA (if required) and ensure the foreign worker applies for and obtains a valid work permit. Source:

What is the cost of hiring foreign employees in Canada?

The LMIA application fee is CAD $1,000 per position. Additional costs may include recruitment and relocation expenses.Immigraffaires combines immigration and recruitment services and provides the full experience at half market rates, check our pricing plan Source:


How many foreign workers can a company hire in Canada?

There's no set limit on the number of foreign workers a company can hire in Canada. However, employers must demonstrate genuine need and ensure they meet all requirements for each worker. Source:

Foreign workers hiring process for employer?

Employers typically need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and then the foreign worker can apply for a work permit. Some cases may be LMIA-exempt. Source:

Foreign workers from Asia recruitment process?

The process involves obtaining an LMIA, ensuring the worker applies for a work permit, and considering any bilateral agreements with specific Asian countries. Source:

Foreign worker from Malaysia application process in Canada?

Employers must obtain an LMIA (if required), after which the Malaysian worker can apply for a work permit. Bilateral agreements or specific programs for Malaysian workers should also be considered. Source:

Which documents are required for work permit in Canada?

Required documents include a job offer letter, a contract, a copy of the LMIA, and the LMIA number. Additional documents might be required based on the specific work permit category. Source:

Visa and immigration services in Canada?

Services include processing applications for temporary and permanent residency, work permits, study permits, visitor visas, and citizenship. Source:

Government of Canada immigration services?

The Government of Canada, through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), offers services like processing immigration applications, refugee protection, and promoting multiculturalism. Source:

Where to send work permit application Canada?

Work permit applications can be submitted online or by mail to specific processing centers, depending on the type of application and where the applicant is applying from. Source:

Difference between work permit and work visa Canada?

In Canada, the term "work permit" is commonly used to refer to the document allowing a foreign national to work. A "visa" is an entry document. So, a person might need a visa to enter Canada and a work permit to work. Source:

Foreign workers recruitment agency in Canada?

There are numerous recruitment agencies in Canada that specialize in hiring foreign workers, the best is Immigraffaires; We offer the best immigration and recruitment services at one place!

Immigration and recruitment agency for foreign workers in Canada?

Immigraffaires is the go-to when it comes to hiring foreign workers for your business in Canada. We put together a dedicated recruitment team and added the best legal talent, led by an attorney specialized in Immigration of foreign workers, for a smooth seamless process Source: ICCRC

Top immigration and recruitment agency for immigrant workers in Canada?

The "best" agency can vary based on specific needs. However, always ensure the agency is registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) for immigration services. Immigraffaires is registered, combines legal and recruitment services to create the best experience for employers in Canada and foreign workers all around the world. Source: ICCRC

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