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Pricing Plan

Hire & Bring Foreign Workers to your doorstep for only $4222! Read all the details below.

Immigraffaires - International Recruitment specializes in ethical and professional recruitment and hiring of workers from around the world.

Our services, available through Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or International Mobility Canada (IMC+), enhance the chances of successful immigration for clients in Quebec. Located on Notre-Dame East Street in Montreal, our office recruits candidates from various countries including Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombia, the Philippines, Cameroon, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria.

When you choose to collaborate with us, you'll benefit from the support of two dedicated recruiters who handle the search and screening of international candidates, along with an in-house lawyer.

Throughout the entire process of recruiting, immigration, welcoming, and integrating your candidates, you'll have access to our lawyer's advice at no extra cost.

Here's a breakdown of the recruitment process, including each phase's rates. These rates apply to a single Foreign Recruit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

If your company plans to hire three or more workers for the same position, field, & industry, all working for the same company, we're pleased to offer a reduced fee of 1800 CAD per Foreign Worker during Phase 2.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Job Matching & Refinement
(paid by employer)

  • Obtain the preliminary version of the job offer and the job descriptions to be filled.

  • Grasp and understand the company's needs (types of roles of interest) and express them in standardized terms. Align the company's needs with a National Occupational Classification (NOC) code. Describe the required experience and education using CNP-standardized terms to meet government expectations and enhance the likelihood of success.

  • Define the ideal candidate profile, including necessary experience and qualifications.

  • Develop candidate search criteria for the job offer based on experience and skills outlined by the NOC.

  • Refine the job offer based on our recommendations for government submission.

  • Post the position, screen candidates, conduct preliminary interviews, etc.

  • Verify diplomas, references, and academic transcripts to ensure compliance with government requirements.

  • Sign the conditional employment contract between the candidate and the company.

$1000 + Taxes

Immigration Portfolio Preparation
(paid by employer)

  • Determine the pathway (check eligibility for immigration programs).

  • Ensure and confirm that the selected candidate meets CNP and TFWP criteria.

  • Handle the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application at the federal government. 

  • Job offer validation at the provicial government

  • Provide ongoing support and representation for candidates and employers with both government levels:

    • Service Canada

    • MIFI

Fixed Fees: $2000 + Taxes

Immigration Fees: $1222

Securing Work Permit 

(paid by employee)

Despite a favorable LMIA creating a presumption of eligibility for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the immigration officer at the Canadian embassy in the candidate's home country must issue a work visa. Upon reviewing the candidate's application and statement of intent, the immigration officer must be convinced that the candidate has sufficient ties to their home country, ensuring their temporary stay in Canada. This assessment is rigorous, and unfortunately, candidates could be denied at this final stage.

In this regard, our proposition is to accompany and represent the workers to Canadian immigration, the competent governmental authority, ensuring that their application demonstrates the temporary nature of their immigration.

Since the work permit belongs to the candidate, they will be solely responsible for the associated fees.

While the candidate bears the fees for this step, an employer should always be aware of what the worker pays to a recruitment agency. Most agencies charge selected candidates by Canadian employers between $7,000 and $8,000. However, with Immigraffaires – International Recruitment, each selected candidate pays $1,800, covering the lawyer's fees for the work permit and the biometric data collection fees.

Rest assured, our system is ethical and strictly aligned with the objectives of immigration programs. Our candidates are chosen for their experience and skills, not their financial ability to pay thousands of dollars.

$1800 + Taxes 
$222 for CAQ Submission MIFI
$155 for WP Application IRCC
For certain candidates,
processing biometrics for 85


Total: $4222 + Taxes

Would you like to get a free evaluation and a quote? Let us know exactly what you need and we will get back to you in less than 48 Hours! 

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