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Hiring Foreign Workers: Immigraffaires Your One Stop Shop

Unlock a world of talent with Immigraffaires:

Expanding your talent pool internationally can be a game changer for your business, especially given the labor shortage that Canada is facing and is likely to continue facing for the foreseeable future. Seeking job seekers from abroad is a smart solution to stay competitive in the current market and grow a thriving business.

Immigraffaires offers comprehensive international recruitment services that not only bring top talents to your doorstep but also simplify the entire process. Here's how we can help you grow your business by recruiting from a global pool of candidates.

One-stop-shop: We combine legal and recruitment services through our talented and diverse team.

Navigating international recruitment legally:

Expanding your talent pool internationally can be daunting due to the complex legal requirements associated with immigration and international hiring.


With an immigration lawyer on board, Immigraffaires handles all legal aspects of international recruitment. Our lawyer ensures that your recruitment process complies with Canadian immigration laws and regulations, making the process smooth and hassle-free. You can focus on your business while we handle the legal complexities. Moreover, you have a single point of contact for communication and managing recruitment-related responsibilities: we've found that this saves a lot of time and money for business owners and recruitment heads!

Identifying the right international candidates:

Identifying and contacting the right international candidates from eligible countries can be a challenging task. It often involves a lot of time and effort.

We use the latest technological means to quickly identify and contact the most suitable international candidates. Our database already contains hundreds of candidates who have expressed their desire to work in Canada. This vast pool of potential candidates saves you time and ensures access to a diverse range of talents.

Ensuring effective communication and selection:

The international recruitment process involves a significant investment in time and resources. Companies need to ensure they communicate effectively with candidates and only select the most suitable individuals.

Immigraffaires makes the process smooth by facilitating preliminary HR interviews and filtering out uninteresting profiles based on your specific needs. We ensure open and efficient communication throughout the process, minimizing any potential waste of your precious time. We only send you the "cream of the crop" for your final interviews, ensuring you get the candidate who will contribute to the growth and development of your business.

Benefits of hiring internationally with Immigraffaires:

  • Reduced turnover: International hiring can help reduce turnover and ensure stability within your team.

  • Simplified visa process: We minimize the risk of visa failure by effectively managing the entire visa process.

  • Flexible work permits: Hire employees with work permits ranging from 24 to 36 months, thus providing stability and continuity to your workforce.

  • Cost parity: Achieve cost parity between hiring international and Canadian employees, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Our legal department, led by an experienced immigration attorney, Ida Carreras, ensures the process is carried out efficiently, error-free, and with great expertise that saves you precious resources!

We do it at half the price: check our pricing plan and compare for yourself. Plus, we guarantee complete transparency and clear communication: no hidden fees.

Full support throughout and after the process: We have set up an experienced HR team that will ensure the successful integration of foreign workers and facilitate all steps between companies and job seekers. Our goal is the growth of your business and the creation of lasting and meaningful professional relationships; it's not just about hiring.

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  2. Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer: Grasp the chance to meet and consult with our immigration lawyer. Gain precise advice about the recruitment market and stay updated on the latest immigration policies related to hiring foreign workers in Canada.

  3. Free Case Evaluation: Let us help you identify the best solution. Our lawyer, along with dedicated recruiters, will carefully evaluate your situation to understand your needs. We'll then guide you towards the most efficient path to address your worker shortage, ensuring you save both time and money.


Why wait? Tackle your recruitment challenges now by signing up with Immigraffaires.

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