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Immigraffaires' Ebook
Immigraffaires' Ebook
Immigraffaires' Ebook

Are you looking to hire foreign workers in Canada?  This book is the best introduction to getting well-informed about the different programs, eligibility, and different processes (LMIA, CAQ, Temporary Worker Program, NOC...) 

Learn how to prepare for the application process: deadlines, communication with different legal entities and government bodies, documents needed, and how to identify the best and most efficient program for you as an employer to hire Internationally

  • Navigate the application process with ease and without the need of a Lawyer! Save your resources and get all the answers and legal advice you need with this Ebook that details every step of every process! It is like a cheat-sheet for every business owner that wants to hire a foreign worker. 

  • How to advertise your job offer effectively

  • How to understand the NOC and select a candidate with good immigration potential

  • How to complete the LMIA application process

Download our e-books today and learn how to hire foreign workers in Canada without a lawyer!

We also offer a free consultation with our lawyer to help you get started.

Looking to Hire a foreign worker? Get Our Guides made exclusively for business owners FREE & Save Costs While Hiring! 

Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada: Immigraffaires' Ebooks So You Can DIY

Looking to hire a foreign worker? Book an Appointment with our lawyer and get your last Guide as well! 

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