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Employer Services for International Recruitment: Quebec Announces Administrative Relief for Employer

In the dynamic and ever-evolving context of international recruitment, Quebec is taking a giant step towards modernizing and simplifying administrative processes for employers. With an increasingly sought-after skilled workforce around the world, Quebec businesses face a major challenge: to attract and efficiently recruit foreign talent. With this in mind, the Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Integration, Ms. Christine Fréchette, announced a revolutionary initiative. Starting December 11, 2023, the ministry will implement a new method of electronic transmission of applications (TED) to facilitate and accelerate the process of international recruitment. This significant advancement promises to transform the employment landscape in Quebec, offering employers a powerful tool to address the growing shortage of labor and strengthen their competitiveness in the global market. This article will explore the multiple facets of this initiative, its implications for Quebec employers, and the advantages it brings to the arena of international recruitment.

In a continuous effort to stimulate economic growth and respond to the challenges of labor shortage, the Quebec government announced a major advancement in the field of international recruitment. Starting December 11, 2023, a new era opens for Quebec employers with the introduction of electronic transmission of applications (TED) for the validation of job offers within the framework of the Regular Skilled Worker Program (PRTQ) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

This initiative, announced by Ms. Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Integration, marks a significant step in simplifying and accelerating administrative procedures for Quebec businesses. TED will transform the way employers interact with government agencies, notably by allowing them to benefit from a non-named labor market impact assessment (LMIA).

This strategic change means that employers can begin international recruitment in parallel with obtaining the LMIA, without having to immediately identify a specific candidate for the position. This flexibility represents a significant competitive advantage, allowing companies to save precious time and optimize their recruitment process.

Using TED will offer employers a secure platform to submit their applications, manage their documents, make the required payments, communicate with the Ministry, and track the progress of their cases. A notable change is also planned regarding the issuance of Quebec acceptance certificates (CAQ) for workers.

Instead of receiving a paper copy, employers will obtain a CAQ attestation letter via their online profile.

The accessibility of these online services, available at all times, offers employers the opportunity to submit their LMIA applications, temporary selection for PTET, or validation of a job offer for PRTQ with just a few clicks. This advancement is part of the Quebec government's ongoing efforts to modernize services, facilitate administrative procedures, and reduce the burden on employers, while providing personalized support to businesses through the services of the MIFI.

Minister Christine Fréchette emphasizes the importance of this innovation: "Our government is determined to reduce the administrative burden on our businesses. This initiative will speed up the processes for employers wishing to recruit foreign workers, in the face of labor shortages. TED is a significant improvement that will bring greater flexibility and efficiency, as well as increased predictability for recruitment needs." Highlights:

  • TED will come into effect on December 11, 2023, and become mandatory from January 22, 2024, except for agricultural employers and home care providers.

  • To access this service, employers must create an account on the Arrima platform, available in the Employer Portal from December 11.

  • This advancement represents a true revolution in the field of international recruitment in Quebec, offering local companies innovative tools to attract and hire talents from around the world, while significantly simplifying administrative processes.

SOURCE: Office of the Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Integration The recent announcement of the implementation of electronic transmission of applications (TED) by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration marks a decisive turning point in Quebec's approach to international recruitment. This promising initiative not only simplifies administrative procedures but also opens up new prospects for Quebec employers in their quest for global talent. By adopting this technology, they will benefit from increased efficiency and greater flexibility, essential for positioning themselves advantageously in a competitive job market. However, navigating these new processes can be complex, especially for those approaching international recruitment for the first time. This is where our role becomes crucial. At Immigraffaires, we are dedicated to helping employers make the most of these new opportunities. Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide you through the subtleties of the Arrima platform, assist you in setting up your accounts, and direct you to the best ways to effectively attract qualified candidates. We understand that each business has unique needs, and our approach is customized to meet these specific requirements. By collaborating with us, you will have access to professional advice, step-by-step assistance in the recruitment process, and tailored strategies to maximize your chances of attracting the best talents from around the world. Do not wait any longer to transform your recruitment strategy and seize the opportunities offered by this new era of international recruitment. Contact us today and together, let's take the step towards a future where borderless recruitment becomes an accessible and successful reality for your business.

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