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Recruitment & Immigration: Inadmissibility Fees Changes

In recent times, the Canadian immigration landscape has experienced pivotal changes, particularly concerning the fee structure for individuals seeking to adjust their status within the country.  


Effective from December 1, 2023, these alterations, driven by the Canadian Government, mark a significant shift in how foreign nationals and residents deal with inadmissibility issues. This introduction aims to elucidate these changes, delving into the specifics of the revised fee schedule, the rationale behind these adjustments, and their implications for individuals navigating the complexities of the Canadian immigration system. It also highlights the importance of staying informed and seeking professional guidance to effectively adapt to these developments. 


Starting December 1, 2023, there's been a major change in the fees related to inadmissibility for those looking to adjust their status in Canada. The Canadian Government has introduced yearly updates to these fees based on inflation rates since April 2018. 

As a result, there's been a notable increase of about 13.77% in application fees, following the guidelines of the Service Fees Act (SFA). 

This move demonstrates the Canadian Government's effort to ensure fee structures are fair and reflect economic changes, impacting both citizens and foreigners involved in the immigration process. 

Significant Adjustments in Inadmissibility Fees 

From December 1, 2023, the new inadmissibility fee schedule includes: 

Authorization to Return to Canada - $459.55 

Rehabilitation for Criminality - $229.77 

Rehabilitation for Serious Criminality - $1,148.87 

Restoration of Visitor, Worker, or Student Status - $229.77 

Restoration of Worker Status with a New Work Permit - $384.77 

Restoration of Student Status with a New Study Permit - $379.77 

Temporary Resident Permit - $229.77  

It's crucial for individuals involved in these processes to be aware of these updated fees, which more accurately represent the current economic situation and the costs of processing these applications. 

Policy on Refunds and Remissions 

The Canadian Government has committed to high-quality service. In instances where service standards are not met, applicants might be eligible for partial refunds or remissions, highlighting the government's focus on a smooth and efficient immigration process. 


Adapting to the Changes 

For those dealing with Canadian immigration complexities, especially regarding status changes or inadmissibility issues, understanding these new fees is vital. Working with knowledgeable immigration experts like Immigraffaires can help navigate these changes smoothly and ensure adherence to the new fee structure. 

This update underscores the need to stay informed about immigration policy changes and their effects on individuals navigating the Canadian immigration system. The revisions are meant to balance administrative costs with economic shifts, ensuring fairness and excellent service for all applicants. 

For personalized advice and help in understanding and navigating these changes, seeking assistance from an immigration firm like Immigraffaires is recommended. We offer the latest insights and expertise in this field. 

Contact us for more information and guidance to stay prepared and make informed decisions throughout your journey in the Canadian recruitment and immigration landscape. 

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